CREOLE & FRENCH                                CUISINE                                                            

            Daily Dishes

                          All Daily Dishes are served with choice of two sides

Creole Chicken

Marinated and sauteed with bell peppers, onions, celery,

tomatoes, and simmered in an enticing Creole base sauce

(dark & white) 12.92 (dark) 7.95 (white) 8.95

Caribbean Curry Chicken

Marinated with curry season and mixed with coconut and potatoes

(dark & white 12.95 (dark) 7.95 (white) 8.95

Spicy Jerk Chicken
Marinated with homemade jerk season with scotch bonnet peppers
and scallions

(dark & white) 12.95  (dark) 7.95 (white) 8.95

Creole Turkey Wings                                      10.95

Well marinated turkey wings sauteed in a creole base season

with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and celery

Caribbean Curry Beef                                  11.95

Tender beef with curry season and mixed with coconut,

garlic, and potatoes

Beef Legume                                                 13.95

Beef simmered with cabbage, bell peppers, onions,

celery and tomatoes in a Creole base sauce.

West Indies Oxtails                                      14.95

Tender and seasoned oxtails sauteed in an enticing base Island season sauce.

Contains celery,  onions,  tomatoes, & bell peppers

French Ribs                                                  13.95

Tender pork spare ribs  smothered with our homemade Signature French sauce

Spicy Jerk Ribs                                             13.95

Tender pork spare ribs smothered with our homemade Signature spicy jerk sauce

Coconut Curry Goat                                     12.95

Marinated goat meat with curry season mixed with garlic potatoes and coconut

Encrusted Jerk Salmon                               13.95

Pan seared fresh Salmon encrusted with crackers and topped with jerk sauce and  mango glaze with choice of two side dishes.

Caribbean Coconut Curry Shrimp              12.95

Fresh shrimp sauteed in a curry sauce mixed with  potatoes & coconut